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Immediate Dentures in Holyoke, MA

Restore Your Smile With Immediate Dentures

Living with missing teeth can be detrimental to your oral health. Patients who’ve lost teeth may experience difficulty speaking or chewing due to bone loss in the area of the missing tooth. In cases of full-mouth extractions, patients could end up waiting weeks for permanent dentures.

At Holyoke Mall Dental, we offer immediate dentures to save patients from going an extended period without teeth. Dr. Eric Chen is proud to provide a natural-looking, comfortable set of dentures specially designed for your mouth. Read on to learn more about immediate dentures and how you can benefit. 

What Are Immediate Dentures?

Also known as same-day dentures, immediate dentures are a temporary solution to tooth loss made to last between six and eight months. Patients who require full-mouth extractions but don’t want to wait for their permanent restorations can benefit from immediate dentures.

As their name implies, these dentures are placed immediately after your extraction. With immediate dentures, you won’t have to go toothless while you wait for your permanent dentures. You’ll be able to speak, chew, and smile with ease and confidence. 

Why Choose Dr. Chen for Immediate Dentures

Since 1995, Dr. Chen has been providing quality dental care, not only as a member of Holyoke Mall Dental but also as director and president. We prioritize giving our patients treatment that works best for you and your family’s oral health, no matter the age. That’s why Dr. Chen provides immediate dentures for patients who want a complete smile.

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

There are other benefits of immediate dentures that make them an appealing option to patients aside from a quickly restored smile. These benefits include:

  • Comfortable fit
  • Natural appearance 
  • Protects healing gums
  • Prevents jaw atrophy
  • Short procedure time

Receiving Your Immediate Dentures

During your initial consultation, Dr. Chen will take a comprehensive scan of your natural teeth and gums. Dr. Chen will take these scans during an appointment before your extraction surgery so he can send them to a dental lab. There, oral prosthesis specialists will create your immediate dentures based on the scans of your teeth and gums.

We’ll receive your new dentures before your extraction appointment. Once we have gently and safely taken you through your tooth removal process, Dr. Chen will help you fit your dentures. He’ll also make any necessary adjustments to ensure they fit comfortably in your mouth. You’ll then be ready to leave our Holyoke office with a restored, beautiful smile!

After Extraction

It’s essential to follow Dr. Chen’s post-operative care instructions following your extraction. Your gums and bone begin to recede after extraction, which will require regular check-ups and maintenance to monitor your healing process. It’ll also help reduce any possible complications. 

Caring for Your Restorations

Proper oral care is crucial for keeping your dentures in good condition. Dr. Chen recommends cleaning them with a soft-bristled toothbrush daily and soaking them overnight in a dental solution. This care keeps your dentures from collecting bacteria or losing their shape while not in your mouth. 

There are a few restrictions for eating and drinking with immediate dentures. You should avoid hard, sticky, or chewy foods during the first few weeks of wearing immediate dentures. This will allow your mouth to adjust to the dentures and help prevent any damage. After this initial period, you can eat and drink normally, but it may be helpful to start with soft foods and cut them into smaller pieces.

We also recommend removing your dentures at night to allow your gums to rest and give your mouth a chance to clean itself. Dr. Chen can provide specific instructions on when and how to remove your dentures for cleaning and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

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