Dentures in Holyoke, MA

The Benefits of Dentures

Losing teeth is a common part of life for many people. But you don’t need to worry -- there are beautiful and comfortable options for tooth loss. Here at Holyoke Mall Dental, we provide many types of dentures for all people from all walks of life. Learn about your options. 

Types of Dentures

Partial Dentures

An example of a prosthetic partial denture

Partial dentures are a great option for people who haven’t lost all of their teeth, but are missing a portion. Partial dentures can help keep your remaining teeth in place so they don’t shift around as well as enable you to eat without difficulty. You won’t have to hide your smile anymore. 

Complete Dentures

If you’ve lost all your teeth, complete dentures are a brand-new set of teeth that can empower you. Your dentures will be customized for you, so they’ll be comfortable and look as natural as possible. Dentures can give your smile a whole new life. 

Immediate Dentures

If you require extraction to remove the rest of your teeth, we can provide immediate dentures. These dentures are created prior to the extraction and can be used immediately, so you won’t have to be without teeth as you heal. 

Implant-Retained Dentures

Don’t like the feeling of dentures or having trouble keeping them in place? Implant-retained dentures conveniently snap on to dentures inserted into your jaw, so they won’t budge throughout the day. 

Are You a Candidate?

You’re a candidate for dentures if you have missing teeth and you’d like to eat, smile, and enjoy your life without worrying. Many people come to us with an incomplete smile that affects their everyday lives. If this is you, we can help. 

At your consultation, your dentist will examine your oral condition and determine your needs. You’ll also be able to discuss your preferences for your dentures and your lifestyle, so you can make sure you receive dentures that are right for you. 

Denture Maintenance and Repair

Taking good care of your dentures is important for their well-being. Well-maintained dentures can last longer, so you won’t need them repaired or replaced as often. To take care of your dentures, simply follow these guidelines:

  • Remove your dentures after eating and rinse them off with water
  • When you remove your dentures, make sure to clean your mouth
  • Brush your denture at least once a day
  • Soak your dentures in a safe solution every night
  • Attend regular dental checkups -- we can professionally clean your dentures and adjust them for you.

With regular use, it’s common for your dentures to loosen or become damaged. If this happens, contact our office by calling 413-538-7400 so we can set up an appointment to see you. Please avoid trying to repair your dentures at home, as this may cause further damage to your dentures and harm you.

Denture Replacement

If your dentures are ill-fitting, damaged, or worn out, we may suggest a replacement. We can create a new set of dentures for you. We offer many denture options, including implant-supported dentures. Our patients love this type of denture because it doesn’t slip around in your mouth and it feels more like a natural set of teeth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

My current pair of dentures are loose or ill-fitting, what are my options?

If your dentures aren’t comfortable, you can contact our office. We’ll help you by adjusting your dentures or creating a new pair for you. It’s common for dentures to become loose over time due to the changes in your jaw and constant use of the dentures.

At your appointment, we’ll examine your jaw and your dentures to determine the problem. We can then address the issue and recommend options for you to get a comfortable pair of dentures. 

My dentures broke, how do I fix them?

If your dentures broke, call our office so we can set up an appointment to fix them for you. While it may be tempting to try and fix them yourself, at-home repairs can sometimes make the problem worse. This can, in turn, harm you. Please leave these repairs to us.

We’ll try to set up an appointment as soon as possible so you won’t have to live without your dentures. Depending on how they broke, you may have to refrain from using them until they’re repaired. 

Does my dental insurance cover dentures?

Most dental insurance providers cover at least part of the cost of dentures. If you’d like to know the details of your coverage, we recommend contacting your insurance provider directly. They can walk you through how much they’ll cover.

If you’re concerned about paying for your dentures, our office can help. We offer convenient financing options, including low-interest and no-interesting payments over time. 

How can dental implants improve my experience with dentures?

Dental implants are a secure and safe tooth replacement option that provides benefits to your appearance, as well as your health, that are unmatched. Implants can be used to secure an entire arch of dentures to your jaw, too.

Implant-supported dentures are more secure and stable than other types of dentures. Your dentures will simply snap on to the implants, which will hold your teeth in place throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about getting denture adhesive or about your dentures slipping around in your mouth.

Contact Our Office for a Functional, Beautiful Smile

If you’re in need of a strong, beautiful smile after tooth loss, we can help. To learn more about your options, contact us by calling 413-538-7400 or by filling out our easy online contact form. We’re excited to hear from you and learn how we can help you.