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Dental Bridges in Holyoke, MA

Support & Restore Your Smile

Losing a tooth can change several aspects of your lifestyle. It may affect your eating habits, your confidence in your smile, or your speech patterns. But you don’t have to let gaps in your smile affect your confidence thanks to our dental bridges at Holyoke Mall Dental. Our dentists are proud to provide this reliable, clinically proven method of restoring your smile.

Learn more about dental bridges by reading our guide below.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a natural-looking method of replacing a tooth and restoring its function. They use your surrounding natural teeth to support a replacement dental crown. We’ll even customize this crown to allow it to blend seamlessly into your smile. Plus, it can generally replace up to four teeth at a time.

We recommend dental bridges for oral health problems such as:

  • Cracked or damaged teeth
  • Support for a tooth that has a large filling
  • Missing teeth

The Benefits of Dental Bridges

Bridges are trusted by dentists internationally to fill the gaps in patients’ smiles. Dr. Chen frequently recommends them for the following reasons:

  • Natural-looking — We can customize the color, shape, and size of your restoration, so it’ll look and feel natural in your smile.
  • Realigns your bite — Losing teeth can change how the pressure of your bite is distributed among your teeth, causing headaches and jaw problems. Bridges allow you to bite and chew normally to avoid muscular and bone strain.
  • Sturdy — Your porcelain crowns and bridges can handle the stress of your busy lifestyle because your natural teeth support them.

The Dental Bridges Process

You’ll begin your journey to a stunning smile when you visit our Holyoke dental office for your consultation. Our team of dental professionals will meticulously clean your teeth at this time before our dentist performs a comprehensive exam. We’ll then provide any necessary treatment along with advice on how to prepare your mouth for bridges.

Dental Bridges Preparation

The next step is taking an impression of your teeth. Dental specialists will receive your impression and create your permanent dental crown based on your natural tooth structure. In the meantime, one of our Holyoke dentists will place a temporary crown.

Your Restoration

When we’ve received your bridge from our dental specialist, we’ll remove the temporary crowns to bond the bridge to your natural teeth using a safe, reliable dental adhesive.

One of our dentists will then place your custom crowns on both supporting teeth and attach a prosthetic to the crowns. You’ll leave our office that day with dazzling restorations that can last for up to 10 years if they’re properly cared for.

Caring for Your Bridge

Bridges can last for up to 10 years with excellent oral hygiene. Thankfully, it’s easy to maintain the health of your teeth with stunning, decay-free crowns that protect and restore your smile. Just follow these simple steps to keep your bridge looking and feeling its best:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time.
  • Gently floss between your teeth, making sure to avoid snapping the floss down onto your gums.
  • Schedule an appointment with our dentists in Holyoke every six months.

During your routine checkups, we’ll deep-clean your teeth and examine your restorations to ensure they’re staying securely in place. You’ll learn more about caring for your restorations at your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dental bridges last?

Dental bridges are a durable restoration that can typically last for five to 15 years, sometimes longer with proper hygiene. Dr. Chen recommends following these instructions to extend the longevity of your dental bridge:

  • Avoid foods that are hard, sugary, starchy, or chewy
  • Use a fluoridated toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush at least twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Visit Dr. Chen for biannual dental cleanings and checkups

Are dental bridges covered by insurance?

Most dental insurance plans will either partially or fully cover the cost of dental bridges. Our practice works with many insurance companies to ensure our patients get the care they need. We recommend talking to your insurance provider to find out more about your coverage. We also offer financing options that can make paying for your treatment easier.

We recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Chen by calling our Holyoke office at (413) 538-7400. He’ll examine your oral health, determine what treatment option is best for you, and give you an estimate of the cost.

Can dental bridges be whitened?

No, dental bridges can’t be whitened as they’re a stain resistant restoration. Due to dental bridges being made of porcelain, they’re resistant to whitening products. If you would like to whiten your teeth before the dental bridge procedure, Dr. Chen recommends Zoom! Teeth Whitening in order for your bridge to match your teeth color. Simply call our office at (413) 538-7400 to schedule your appointment.

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Dental bridges give our patients a natural-looking solution for filling the gaps in your stunning smile. With a sturdy, long-trusted structure, bridges restore your smile to its fullest potential. Discover how bridges can boost your confidence and quality of life by scheduling a consultation with our dentists.

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